Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spotted in KL Lifestyle

We are featured this month in KL Lifestyle, feature story by Chow Ee Tan

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're on Face Book now!

yay! The Recyclists is now on FaceBook!! Check us out HERE!! A step to get us closer to our friends out there who hasn't made a pledge on our official website (Project Daily Million) as a Recyclist.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Funds in good hands

In conjunction with Moon Cake festival, the supporter of The Recyclists, Liuligongfang threw us a moon cake party at its beautiful shoppe gallery at Pavilion. Volunteers, committees & performers at the No Plastic Bag Concert were invited to the delicious do.

We took the opportunity to present cheques to our beneficiaries - Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) & Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR).

Representatives from all organisations from left - Nanyang's (The Recyclists' fundraising partner) Sarryan Cho, IPR's MNS's Melissa, Peter Ong and Lily, from Liligongfang.
of course we had the vivacious duo putting the party together - Nell Ng & TP Lim.
The babes of the party (also performed at the concert in July), from left - Zalina Lee, Janet Lee, Nell Ng & Chelsia Ng.
Guests & performers - Vernon, Terese, Alfred and a sibling.

The buffet
A good portion of our fund came from the sale of this Liuli pendant - The Hope Pendant

Watch this space and our official website for more updates on our coming projects and activities :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A grand night at the Eastin...filled with love

The No Plastic Bag Concert was an immense success :) We collected RM 32k through the ticket sales, raffle draws, donations, sale of Project Daily Million wrist bands, contribution from LiuLiGongFang.

Stay tune for more updates on our handing over the funds to our beneficiaries - Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) & Independant Pet Rescuers (IPR). We are in the midst of planning the next course of projects & events, be a part of The Recyclists, visit our official website Project Daily Million.

Meantime, here are the sights from the concert -

the opening act....most aptly - "Where Is Love" performed by little Aethan
next up we had the beautiful dancers of Carmen Choo & Alfred Choo

and Vernon Choo & Ellie Cheah

Dennis Lau serenade us with his song "I Just Wanna"

Evening wear by designer Justin Yap, on the catwalk were the beautiful line-up of...
Deborah Henry

Hannah Lo

Chelsia Ng

Ida Nerina

Nell Ng, also our vivacious emcee, also the woman who put THE SHOW together!

Xandria Ooi

Jeffrey Cheng & TP Lim

Our celebrity models for the evening (also on he catwalk were collection from Charles & Keith) -
Alicia Daniel, Chelsia Ng, Corrine Adrienne, Dawn Jeremiah, Deborah Henry, Hannah Lo, Ida Nerina, Jeffrey Cheng, Pei Pei & Xandria Ooi.

Funny man Harith Iskandar tells us why is grand to be Malaysian
Yang Wei Han performed an increYao Li medley

Malaysia diva, Atilia

The lovely energy of Chery Samad, singing LOVE

The funny singing man Sharizan

The man who put it all together, TP Lim, also emcee of the night

Then there were the wildly talented WILD singers who presented a repertoire of songs from some Disney movies. They were accompanied by band - Llew Marsh on keyboard, Amir on bass & Stephenie on drums.

The WILD singers were - Elvira Arul, Ho Soon Yoon, Ida Mariana, Ina Fabregas, Janet Lee, Mia Palencia, Peter Ong, Sam Tseu, Song Fan-Seah, Tria & Zalina Lee.

Zalina Lee, Song Fan Seah & Elvira Arul

Mia Palencia in action

Janet Lee belting He's A Tramp with male chorus (Song Fan, Sam Tseu, Soon Yoon & Peter Ong)

Ina Fabregas as Ariel in "Part Of Your World"

A butterfly flew in and joined us that night when Ida Mariana sang us her "Colors Of The Wind"

Dancing away in our finale number, Bare Necessities & Spoonful of Sugar medley

Zalina Lee, Ida Mariana, Peter Ong & Elvira Arul

Ina Fabregas & Zalina Lee during sound check...goofing around

Elvira, Janet, Soon Yoon & Ida

songstresses...Tria & Mia Palencia
we also have more pictures by Alex Moi here

Other celebrities performers include Joanna Bessey who gave us a beautiful poem. Our sound & light, catwalk choreography were all sponsored by DR Events. Venue & refreshments sponsored by Eastin Hotel. LiuLiGongFang for the donation of part of the sale proceeds from their specially-designed pendants and Valiram Group for the raffle prizes.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The No Plastic Bag Concert!! July 17, 2008

The Star's preview of the concert - July 11, 2008

July 17, 2008

7pm - 11pm
Entry - RM 50
Eastin Hotel

A one night-only concert with more than 30 local celebrities for green causes - the love for a greener world and care for the strays in our neighbourhoods. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR).

Fashion shows, musical performances, dances, green kiosks, and all things chic and GREEN!!

Links -
Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)
Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR)
The Recyclists

Who will be there -

Music lovers, animal lovers, environment activists...

The evening will feature appearances & performances by Atilia, Bernie Chan, Chelsia Ng, Corrine Adriene, Dawn Jeremiah, Deborah Henry, Dennis Lau, Evira, Harith Iskander, Hannah Lo, Ida Mariana, Ida Nerina, Ina Fabregas, Janet Lee, Joanna Bessey, Miss Malayisa Universe 2008 Levy Li, Mia Palencia, Na'a Murad, Nell Ng, Peter Ong, Pei Pei, Razif Hashim, Stephanie Chai, TP Lim, Tria, Shahrizan Borhan, Xandria Ooi, Yang Wei Han, Zalina Lee and many more!

There will be -
fashion shows, stand-up comedy, musical performances, green kiosks, drinks & food and all things chic and GREEN!

Entry by donation. Minimum donation of RM50 (includes light snacks)

To purchase your entry passes, please call Nanyang Foundation 03- 76508676 (Sarryan) or email

Or contact Janet Lee @ 012 378 3730 for tickets delivery

pics from the press conference...of sponsors & artistes

Nell Ng, our performer & emcee

Songstress Atilia & actress Ida Nerina

Nicole represents the label Charles Keith (Valiram Group), our models will be wearing the label on our runway

TV host Xandria Ooi & sultry songstress Ida Mariana

Young & talented fashion designer Justin Yap, his fashion will be featured on our concert runway on the 17th

Actress Chelsia Ng, cuddling Brown Socks, a rescued pup now ready for adoption. Interested party may email