Monday, May 12, 2008

In the media - Liuligongfang launches`The Hopeful Pendant' to raise fund for The Recyclists - Nanyang Siang Pau, May 1, 2008

A meaningful meeting with Liuligongfang founders Loretta Yang and Chang Yi at their Malaysian outlet in Pavilion in late April to discuss our plan to work together on animal welfare. Journalist from Nanyang Siang Pau was present to report.

The write-up was published on May 1, 2008 - click on image to read the article
(correction - The `Hopeful' pendant is priced at RM 220 per piece, not RM 22 per piece)

Some of us from the committee were present (TP Lim, Peter Ong and Janet Lee), together with Independent Pet Rescuer volunteer cum animal welfare worker, Nicole Ann Thomas, we shared our inspirations with Loretta & Chang, on building social awareness & infrastructure in caring for stray animals & pets. To aid The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Independent Pet Rescuer (IPR), The Recyclists are working closely with Yayasan Nanyang Foundation.

We attended the launch of Liligongfang exhibition opening at Pavilion on May 2, where it also marked the beginning of the sale of 1, 500 pieces of specially designed `Hopeful Heart' pendants by Loretta Yang. Half of the sale proceeds will be contributed to The Recyclists projects.

Watch this space for more updates and notices on activities to come!