Thursday, August 27, 2009

The No Plastic Bag Bazaar - Event programme for Aug 31st

While the green shoppers busy treasure hunting on the bazaar ground, we have these exciting line up of performances & activities on stage, this Monday, at The No Plastic Bag Bazaar: -

1200-1205pm Welcome shout-out by emcees - Nell Ng & TP Lim
1200-1230pm Performance by Elvira Arul & Zalina Lee
1230-1240pm Appearance & auction by Joyce Kirsten Wong
1240-0100pm Performance by Ida Mariana & Zalina Lee
0100-0110pm Appearance & auction by Hannah Lo & Deborah Henry
0110-0130pm Awareness talk by Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friends Farm
0130-0145pm Performance by Poesy Liang
0145-0200pm Performance by Sharizan Borhan
0200-0230pm Performance by Tony Leo
0230-0245pm Performance by Aric
0245-0300pm Performance by Junji Delfino
0300-0310pm Appearance & auction by Amber Chia
0310-0330pm Performance by Edwin Sumun
0330-0400pm Performance by Yang Wei Han
0400-0410pm Appearance & auction by Xandria Ooi
0410-0430pm Performance by Ash Nair
0445-0500pm Performance by Chelsia Ng
0500-0515pm Awareness talk by Kah Yein of Animal Care
0515-0530pm Raffle draws results
0530-0540pm Chic Charity to present donation of Chic sale to Recyclists
0540-0600pm Presentation of cash to beneficiaries & closing

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Sasha said...

Simply Green Solutions wishes you luck at the No Bag Bazaar and hopes that mindsets change worldwide to reduce waste with your help!